Skylights, Vents, and Vision Tiles

Accessories are available that can help introduce extra light or ventilation to a Gerard roof.

Normally this is only done as part of an addition or alteration to an existing roof rather than on a new-build, which is why the range of compatible roof types is necessarily limited to the more long-standing Gerard tile profiles.

Gerard ABS Vents

ABS vent units are an effective way to increase airflow and ventilate spaces directly below the roof like attics and other cavities. They are available in all Gerard Colortile colours.

Gerard Skylights

Gerard Skylights can bring light and air into any room. Their advanced no-flashing installation system reduces risks of leaks. Gerard Skyights are available with a transparent or opaque dome. You can also choose between vented or non-vented options Product features weather-safe vents that remain permanently open.

Gerard Vision Tiles

Made from 3mm clear acrylic, Gerard Vision Tiles are a cost-effective way to improve natural light in roofs that don’t have a ceiling e.g. garages and carports.
This chart shows which accessory is compatible with which type of roofing pattern
  Skylights Vision Tiles ABS Vents
Corona No No No
Senator No No No
Rockport No No No
Oberon No No No
Colortile Yes Yes Yes
Milano No No No
Tuffcoat Yes Yes No
Alpine No No No