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For general enquiries you can call customer services on:
0800 244 737

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New Zealand & Pacific Islands office:

PO Box 18 071
Glen Innes
Auckland 1743

Head Office:

90-104 Felton Mathew Ave
St Johns
Auckland 1072

Freephone: 0800 244 737

Freefax: 0800 766 324

Email: info@gerardroofs.co.nz

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Gerard Certified Roofers Only

Gerard Certified Roofers can access their individual secure transaction portal via the button below.

This is an entirely different site only accessible with a preassigned GCR code and login.

If you are not a Gerard Certified Roofer and are interested in becoming one please contact Gerard Roofs on 0800 104 868 to find out more.