Pressed steel roofing profiles

Architectural Range

Gerard Senator is a profile with a modern look and subtle raised detailing. Senator is known for the simplicity and uniformity it brings to a roof. This roof embodies an understated quality that works with both contemporary and traditional architecture. The Gerard Senator profile has a distinctive vertical-ridge textured finish that adds refinement and helps give the roof a timeless character.
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Inspired by the look of Welsh slate, the Gerard Alpine profile brings a smooth, linear look while surface detailing adds a slightly rustic overtone. The Gerard Alpine profile has a simplicity that works with both contemporary and traditional architecture, giving the roof a continuous smooth pattern that can present a flat, almost seamless appearance when seen in soft light like on a cloudy day.
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The Gerard Oberon profile has a unique depth. Its look changes with the angle of the sun and the intensity of light giving your roof a profound sense of solidity. A Gerard Oberon roof has a look that echoes an awareness of the grand homes of yesteryear. These roofs are often seen alongside dressed stone and natural timbers on properties of substance and homes on larger sections.
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Classic Range

Combining a flat plane with continuous irregular grooves, Gerard Corona has a recurring yet organic pattern that works with many styles of home. Perhaps because of its sheer versatility, Gerard Corona is New Zealand’s most popular steel roof panel. Seen on a wide variety of homes, from the rustic and rural to the urban and urbane, Gerard Corona is almost the ubiquitous pressed steel roof.
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Among Gerard’s flattest profiles, Rockport lends your roof a sleek, linear look and is often used on clean, simple architecture with a modern bias. The Gerard Rockport roof sits low and light providing the perfect foil for popular postmodern house designs. You’ll recognise this contemporary look in suburbs, on coastlines, and in residential enclaves all over New Zealand.
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The scalloped shapes of this profile give Gerard Colortile the style of a traditional terracotta roof but in a cleaner, uniform, more modern way. Many people choose Colortile to capture the look of heavyweight tile without its disadvantages. The profile is often seen with brick cladding on traditional homes. This roof isn’t limited to that aesthetic though and is equally appropriate above plaster or weatherboards.
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With the balanced arches and flats found in traditional design, Gerard Milano is a timeless profile that creates clean, elegant and classical looking roofs. A Gerard Milano roof brings the timeless look of substance and solidity and makes a strong statement, especially on steeply pitched roofs. It is often used with traditional materials like masonry and timber.
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Gerard Tuffcoat is a geometric profile whose shapes and angles accentuate light and shadow to emphasise its corrugations and create a sense of strength and gravity. Often used on homes displaying clear, straight lines in keeping with a bolder, stronger-looking roof, Gerard Tuffcoat is appropriate on architecture where the designer seeks the definition to make the roof a feature in its own right.
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How Gerard’s ingenious pressed steel roofing works

A Gerard roof is made up of individual lightweight pressed steel panels secured using a unique fixing system that effectively locks them together to form a single structural unit. The result is a roof that’s stylish, copes with severe weather and lasts a very long time.

Textured or satin finish

Some profiles allow you to choose either a textured or satin finish on the surface of your roof. Both have their merits but a textured stone finish is inclined to look a little more substantial yet visually softer; satin finishes tend to produce a smoother, crisper look accentuating roof patterns and details more. 

Satin finishes

Gerard’s satin finish looks just like coloured steel but the surface is much more durable.

Gerard’s satin finish is a 45-micron topcoat of ultra-tough polymer acrylic applied after the shape has been pressed into the steel. The process ensures a consistent covering without the danger of micro-cracks. (Coloured steel is painted before it is pressed; this process can cause micro-cracking in the surface.)

Satin finish advantages:

Less expensive than a textured finish

Smooth surface with clearer detail

Colouring after shaping prevents micro-cracks 

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Textured finishes

Natural stone chips are fused to using layers of acrylic resin and a resilient over-glaze. Some colours are entirely natural, intrinsic to the minerals themselves; others are mineral fragments with permanent ceramic coatings.

Textured finish benefits:

  • A stronger, more substantial look
  • Additional protection from the elements
  • Natural stone finish is almost entirely fade-free
  • Textured finishes last longer than paint finishes
  • Gerard textured finishes have longer warranty
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Custom finishes

Custom finishes can be created for special projects by request.

A Gerard satin finish can be made to match any colour sample. We also have the ability to develop a custom textured finish – for example, we could work with stone that’s native to your location. 

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