Gerard adopts Declare sustainability label

Gerard has become New Zealand’s first roofing manufacturer to carry the internationally recognised Declare label, meaning customers and specifiers can trust environmentally safer products from a transparent manufacturer.

Declare is Gerard’s latest showing of tangible environmental leadership, and offers increased transparency and value for customers and specifiers who are keen on ‘green’.

The two labels - which can be viewed in Gerard’s Document Library under “Certificates” – apply to both the textured and satin products, and details the substrate and protective coatings.

What is Declare and how does it work?

Declare is the brainchild of the International Living Future Institute, and administered locally by Living Future New Zealand.

It’s described as a ‘nutrition label’ for products, and was designed to help customers and specifiers quickly align with proactive, transparent manufacturers by answering three questions:

  1. Where does a product come from?
  2. How is it made?
  3. Where does it go at the end of its life?

Gerard has proactively offered up information to the Institute on its New Zealand manufacturing processes, and has had the ingredients of its products verified as compliant against an independent, international database.

Benefits includes Homestar, Greenstar points

For environmentally motivated customers and specifiers, Gerard’s Declare status offers more than just a ‘quick check’ and peace of mind.

It also boosts Homestar and Greenstar applications:

  • Homestar applicants can claim 0.5 points with a Gerard specification.
  • Greenstar applicants can now claim up to two points with a Gerard specification, with the new Declare label offering an additional 0.5 points on top of the 1.5 provided by Gerard’s ISO 14001 status.

An environmental leader in roofing

Gerard becomes New Zealand’s first roofing manufacturer to adopt Declare, and continues to lead the market in environmental sustainability.

It was the world’s first roofing manufacturer to adopt the ISO 14001 Environmental Management system, and roofed one of New Zealand’s first homes built to ‘Homestar 10’ quality.

Learn more about the Declare label on the International Living Future website.
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