Rapid roofing a feature of Auckland development

Gerard’s installation speed is enabling the developers of an Auckland terraced housing project to keep up with high density demand.

6 Hulme Place will eventually include 65 terraced units on an elevated section, which also offers great access to Auckland CBD with Henderson's train station nearby.

The first row of units on Lots 5, 6, and 7 all feature the textured Gerard Rockport profile, with the outside two units in Charcoal grey and the centre unit in Greenstone evidence of Gerard’s ability to achieve a flat, sleek look in a range of profiles, colours and textures.

Units roofed within a day

A feature of the project so far has been the ease and speed of roof installations, performed by Auckland’s Harvey Roofing Centre.

Manager Alan Wilson detailed the efficiencies while on site in December:

          “We’ve been able to get the two outside roofs on in a day, and the roof that they’re currently on - where they started at eight o’clock this morning - they’ll be leaving site at about two o’clock this afternoon.”

While the individual roof areas are smaller than most standalone homes, the speedy progress is typical of a Gerard installation, making it a great system for developers facing time pressures.

Pressed steel performance ideal for city living

Alan explains that speed is just a part of Gerard's overall value:

          “These units might look relatively simple design-wise, but there’s actually some complexity here. As you can see there are some parapet walls. This Gerard system gives the developer the ability to attend to those parapet walls after the roof is installed -  so he’s got weathertight-ness, and then he can move in and take care of that cladding situation later on. That weathertight-ness and durability make it the perfect system for New Zealand conditions, and for high density housing.”

A sign of Auckland’s future

New home consents continued to boom in New Zealand in 2018, especially in Auckland where 13,000 consents were granted between January and October.

But while standalone homes made up 72% of consents across New Zealand, in Auckland the number was only 48% - meaning townhouses, apartments and units such as those at 6 Hulme Place made up more than half of new home consents, and will be a big part of Auckland’s housing future.

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