Choosing a new roof? Why you won't regret pressed steel

Because not all roofs provide you with the benefits and performance of Gerard pressed steel system, let’s explore ten reasons why a pressed steel roof is right for you.

If you are a New Zealand homeowner, renovator, developer, or architect – you now have more choice than ever when it comes to roofing material.

That said, there are myriad benefits to a pressed steel roof, so lets explore ten reasons why a pressed steel roof system is right for you. 

1. Light weight

Unlike sumo wrestling, when it comes to your roof, it's good to be a "lightweight" - and steel tile weighs just a fraction of concrete and clay roof tile.
Because pressed steel tile systems require less battens and framing, the overall load is reduced even further.
The main benefit is a building with better structural integrity, and a safer roof for those inside – something especially important in severe weather events and earthquakes.

2. Durable strength

Being light in weight can come at the expense of strength and durability for some materials – however this is not the case for pressed steel roof systems which are chosen to handle some of the world’s most extreme climates.

Part of this is down to the tile itself – with a stainless steel base, double-sided aluminium zinc coating and multiple protective layers all combining to provide superior impact, moisture and combustion resistance.

It's also down to the installation, or ‘fixing’ method enabling the tiles to bond together into one tough, durable shield for your home.
The result is a system which is both safe and sound, and as we like to say, worry-proof!

gerard roof, roof tile, wind, weather, strong, durable, tough, tornado, New Zealand, Auckland

Weather events don't get much more destructive than a tornado. When one hit Albany on Auckland's North Shore in 2011, this Gerard home was the only one to withstand the force.

3. Low maintenance

Once installed, pressed steel tile roofs are relatively low maintenance. 

While it will never hurt to proactively treat your roof for external build-up every now and then, a pressed steel roof will stay weatherproof and look good for decades.
Compare this to asphalt shingle, which is recommended to be completely replaced every five years, making it a relatively high maintenance option – and who needs that in their life?

4. Fast, easy installation

Roofers love working with pressed steel tile systems because they’re quick to install, often only taking a couple of days.

Gerard profiles, trims and flashings are all made to order, easy to transport and easy to move around on site. Once on the roof they require minimal battens and framing, and can be securely installed with nails.

What's great for roofers is great for builders, and what's great for builders is great for you!

gerard roof, roof tile, new zealand, auckland, installation, installer, install, easy, quick, speed, New Zealand, Auckland

Installation of a new Gerard pressed steel system is usually complete within a couple of days.

5. New Zealand made

Gerard pressed steel products are proudly made right here in New Zealand, and have been for over 60 years.

6. Timeless looks

As with the hairstyle the ‘mullet’ in the 80s, and Crocs in the 2000s, it's not always a great idea to follow the fashion of the day.

In contrast, tiled roofs have been around for centuries. They're found across cultures, and in towns and cities all over the world. The advent of pressed steel has further established tile as the preferred roofing style for much of the planet.

Whether it’s a Hawkes Bay homestead, a Tokyo apartment block or a duplex in California, you'll find pressed steel atop much of the world's housing.

gerard roof, roof tile, cladding, brick, concrete, weatherboard, versatile, choice, new zealand, housing

Concrete, brick or weatherboard - whichever cladding you choose, a pressed steel roof can really enhance the look.

7. Spoiled for choice

Pressed steel offers a huge array of choice – not only for the look of the tile profile itself, but also colour and finish.

Gerard has eight different profiles to choose from, from scalloped Mediterranean looks and traditional styles that make a strong statement, to more sophisticated shake, shingle and slate options.

While popular colours are modern, understated grey tones, there's also a range of natural reds, browns, greens and even blue shades available as standard options.

With all eight of Gerard's profiles available in a textured, stone-chip coated finish and three available in the more sleek satin finish, it's proof you can have too much of a good thing after all.

gerard roof, roof tile, gerard corona, textured, teak, gerard alpine, shake, slate, ashwood, grey, New Zealand, housing

Gerard Corona (top) looks great in Teak, combining the performance of pressed steel with the look of wooden shake, while the new Gerard Alpine profile's slate characteristics are shown here in Ashwood.

8. Sustainable

Pressed steel roofs are not only made from recyclable product, they’re made to order, and far less likely to be damaged in transit than concrete and clay. The result of all this is minimal wastage, with any surplus tiles, flashings and accessories collected from sites and recycled or repurposed.

Pressed steel tile units also have a far smaller transportation footprint – they pack down incredibly well and take up a fraction of the space of bulkier clay and concrete tile transported both on land and by sea – this means lower carbon emissions.

9. Great for coastal areas

In New Zealand, we're enclosed by 15,000 kilometres of coastline. That's the 9th biggest amount of coast of any country in the world!

But living and holidaying near the sea comes with a cost, as salt-laden water and air can dramatically reduce the appearance and life of everything from our vehicles, to our kitchen appliances, to building materials.

The good news is that tests show that aluminium zinc coated steel is up to eight times more resistant to corrosion than non-treated steel. A Gerard roof installed by a Gerard Certified Roofer also requires no additional materials or fastening in wind zones.

With your roof going up on time and on budget, you can concentrate on the lifestyle that took you to the coast in the first place!

10. Pure drinking water

With Gerard above your head, you can be confident in a roof that produces water that exceeds World Health Organisation (WHO) standards for clarity and purity.
The WHO is clear on the short and long term benefits for homes that can produce their own drinking water, and have observed the practice becoming common in developed countries like Australia, Germany and the United States, as well as here in New Zealand.

The original pressed steel roof

Gerard is the original pressed steel, worry-proof roof. Invented in New Zealand, proven around the world.

To find out how much, fill out the Gerard Roofs Online Quote form here, and tick the box to also receive our free brochure.

For CAD details and technical documents, visit the Gerard Roofs Design Tech site.

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