Our worry-proof warranty

For many years the Gerard Roofs warranty has been considered the ‘gold standard’ for the roofing industry in New Zealand.

We go out of our way to provide the best cover we can under New Zealand building law and to also make sure that we explain the details clearly in terms that people can understand. (Beware of building products companies who offer vague or misleading explanations of their warranties!)

Complicated rules simplified

Building is a complex process and product warranties within the industry often reflect this. At Gerard Roofs we’ve narrowed the variables affecting warranty cover down to two questions:

Is the building sited in a corrosive environment?

Does the roof have a satin or a textured finish?

On the right is a chart showing the terms of the warranty according to the circumstances of the individual building. In each situation the warranty is pro-rata with cover diminishing over time.

There are two warranty environment zones: Standard and Corrosive. Warranty cover is longer in the standard environment zone.

Most New Zealand homes are built in a ‘Standard’ Enviroment.A Corrosive Environment is defined as anywhere within 750m of breaking surf. Gerard Roofs' warranty applies to all Gerard manufactured products, even if installed in extreme corrosive conditions.

750 metres

Gerard’s warranty covers your most important concerns:

The chart below shows the duration of both aspects of roof cover according to the type of texture and the corrosiveness of the environment where the building is sited
Weatherproofing cover with textured finish roof 50 years pro-rata 25 years pro-rata
Weatherproofing cover with satin finish roof 50 years pro-rata 15 years pro-rata
Surface coating    
Textured Coating cover 20 years pro-rata 10 years pro-rata
Satin Coating cover 15 years pro-rata 5 years pro-rata

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