Gerard Roof Refresh – roof maintenance solution

Gerard Roof Refresh is a powerful cleaning agent formulated to target organic growth like lichen and moss – a natural phenomenon that occurs on most permanent outdoor structures including your roof.

Why would my roof need cleaning?

Left unchecked, organic growth can cause damage to the surface coating of your roof and can create ‘moisture traps’ that cause corrosion.

Recognising different types of growth

There are several ‘nasties’ to look out for including mosses, algal growth (which may be seen as either a green or black staining of the surface) and lichens; these can vary from light green through to bright orange, in a number of different shapes.

Prevent growth before it happens

Treating the roof will not only kill any growth, but also the spores that lead to it. Spores may be present on the roof for up to two years before the appearance of any organic growth.

We suggest treating the roof every three to five years, however if you see growth occurring sooner, we recommend you act immediately.

What to do

Spraying with Gerard Roof Refresh will remove growth and help prevent future problems. You can do this yourself or contact a commercial contractor who specialises in this type of work. (Your Gerard Certified Roofer can put you in touch with someone reputable who can clean your roof cost effectively.)

Keeping your roof clean is a warranty requirement

It is a condition of the material and product warranty issued for Gerard Roofs’ products that the roof is kept free of organic growth by periodic cleaning with an appropriate agent.

Make sure your Gerard Warranty is registered.

Liquid roof maintenance

Gerard Roof Refresh is a powerful agent that is not available in domestic hardware stores. Your local Gerard Certified Roofer can supply yours to order or put you in touch with a suitable contractor for the job.