Ventilation, natural light and solar power

Along with all the essential trims, fixings, flashings and battening, Gerard offers optional extras that are fully integrated and designed to match or complement the aesthetics of the roof where possible.

Gerard Vents

Vents that perfectly match your roof

Manufactured from HIPS (High Impact Poly Styrene) and finished with Gerard’s coatings, the vents are not just fit for purpose they precisely match the colour and finish of any Gerard roof.

Keep things simple and save on plumbing

Your Gerard Certified Roofer can install the vents as part of the roof; your plumber need only connect up on the inside, so there’s no need for him to be working up top with flashings and pipes that could compromise weather tightness.

Gerard Free-flow Port

A low-profile vent intended to cap off general extraction systems from kitchens, bathrooms and laundries; with a free
vent area of 20,000mm2 it’s also ideal for airflow and heat circulation in roof cavities. The unit comes with a 100-150mm stepped adaptor that fits most ducting.

Gerard Sanitary Port

This accessory is primarily intended to vent sewage systems, but can also be used for general air/moisture extraction from kitchens, bathrooms and laundries – anywhere that fits 100mm ducting. The unit is supplied with a flexible connector so it can be easily fitted to fixed sanitary piping.

Gerard skylights

Gerard Skylights can bring light and air into any room. Their advanced no-flashing installation system reduces risks of leaks. Gerard Skylights are available with a transparent or opaque dome. You can also choose between vented or non-vented options Product features weather-safe vents that remain permanently open.

Gerard solar brackets

Gerard Roofs Solar Brackets work with any conventional Solar Panels.

The bracketing system is designed so that solar panels and rails are securely fixed and supported by a complete system without penetrating the surface of the roof. Roof penetrations should be avoided as they can lead to corrosion unless precisely carried out.

Solar panels should ideally be installed at the same time as the roof.