The roof you choose has a big impact on your home

The roof is among the most dominant features of any house. It usually accounts for about a third of the area seen from the road (though usually less than 10% of the overall build-cost).

From a functional standpoint, it’s above everything – the integrity of the structure below depends on the roof’s performance in wind, rain, heat and cold.

Five things to know before you start

  1. Choosing a roof is a long term decision. Think about what will be in keeping with the architecture of the whole house. Fashions come and go, your roof will probably be around for decades.
  2. The location of your home is an important factor. If you are near the coast or in an area known for high wind or extreme weather, you should look for a roofing system that will help minimise potential problems with corrosion, leaks or system failure.
  3. Roofing is a specialist, stand-alone trade. It’s not a job for a general builder.
  4. Roof quotations can be complex and deceptive. Make sure yours include all costs – such as building paper, roof battens and other roof-related materials – so you can compare ‘like with like’.
  5. Investigate your options before you decide. The first step is research – on the web, on foot, over the phone and in conversations with other homeowners. This section – Learn About Roofs – is designed to help with your roofing system research, so that you can make a decision you’ll be happy to live with for decades to come.
Where to start
General advice and tips about how to choose a roof and where to look for more information. These common-sense suggestions will help you approach the decision logically and make informed choices.
Re-roofing process
Whatever your choice of roof, the work involved with removing and replacing the one on your home should be done with the minimum of fuss. This page will guide you through how the process works with a Gerard Certified Roofer.
Why a Gerard roof?
The key reasons for choosing the Gerard pressed steel roofing system, including durability, long-lasting good looks, performance in coastal and high-wind environments, low maintenance and the outstanding warranty.
Reasons to choose Gerard
Gerard survives the world’s worst weather
Gerard pressed steel roofs can be found in more than 120 countries. They protect homes in some of the most hostile climates and environments on the planet. Discover some of the extremes your Gerard roof is designed to cope with.
Pressed steel roof facts
The technical side of what a Gerard roof is: the design and makeup of pressed steel roofing. How Gerard Roofs fuse layers of high-quality raw materials into a single lightweight product that offers remarkable strength, durability and visual appeal.
Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to some of the things we’re often asked. There’s more detailed information about many of the topics elsewhere on this site and links are shown in the answers.