Replacing your roof with Gerard is straightfoward

Let’s face it, a re-roof is a ‘grudge purchase’. When you do decide you have to replace yours, you want to do it quickly, inexpensively and with as little fuss as possible. That’s what Gerard Certified Roofers are trained to accomplish; below is a step-by-step schedule of the process our people work to. Do your research before you talk to any roofing contractors.

Put roofing worries behind you

The roofing choice you make will have long-term consequences. Get it right and life will be easier and safer for you and your family – no worries about leaks, maintenance or extreme weather.

Your new roof can add value

Your re-roofing project is also an opportunity to improve the appearance of your home and often adds to the sale-price it can command.

A step-by-step-guide to replacing your roof with Gerard

First contact

Contact Gerard requesting a quote for a re-roof and a Gerard Certified Roofer (who is a trained independent contractor) will be in touch.

Property appraisal

The GCR visits your home, examines your roof, discusses product choices and any issues that may be evident from your particular situation. The GCR goes on to provide a quote to replace your roof in the profile of your choice.

Make a date

On accepting the quote, a 50% deposit is usually payable and the work is scheduled in for an agreed date. (Bear in mind that all roofing is weather-dependant so hard-and-fast dates may require a bit of wiggle-room!)

Timely installation

Installation generally takes about a working-week from start to finish and happens in clear and practiced steps:

  • Erect scaffolding and roof-edge safety measures 
  • Remove old roofing material and dispose of off-site 
  • Check the roof sub-structure, prepare surface and install new roofing battens if necessary
  • Install new roof complete with all hips, ridges, flashings etc (usually about a day) 
  • Clean up around your garden and perform final inspection of new roof
Final signoff

Any remaining payment is now due and the Gerard Certified Roofer provides your warranty certificate and maintenance guide.