5 good reasons why Kiwis trust Gerard Roofs

Since our founder Lou Fisher produced the first-ever steel roof tile in 1957, we have fine-tuned our product to perform in all living environments.

Gerard Roofs is now the largest aluminium-zinc coated pressed steel roofing manufacturer in the world; our remarkable track record continues to fuel homeowner confidence. 

Feedback we’ve received over the years tells us clear reasons people choose a Gerard roof over other types.

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A premium roof that’s affordable

People recognise a top-of-the-line roof and are often surprised that the overall cost of a Gerard pressed steel roof is similar to that of one in long-run corrugated iron and usually less expensive than a concrete tile roof when everything is taken into account.

If you live in a coastal or high-wind location, a Gerard roof is likely to be less expensive than any other type of roof because it won’t require special materials or fastenings to cope with extreme conditions. 

Good looks that are made to last

Your roof contributes a great deal to the overall appearance of your home, so choosing a material that continues to look good decade after decade contributes to your property’s street appeal and resale value.

Gerard’s multi-layered coatings, UV protection technology and special light-fast pigments provide superior resistance against environmental fading and discolouration so your home looks good for longer.

Even if your home is built at edge of the sea, your Gerard roof won’t require any special materials, additional coatings or extra fastenings. Testing shows that aluminium-zinc coated steel roofing materials have up to eight times the corrosion resistance of other steel roofing products.

A lightweight roof designed to stay secure in a hurricane or an earthquake

The fact that Gerard’s roofing system is designed to withstand just about anything is reassuring. For example: New Zealand building regulations require roofing to withstand a wind loading up to 3.8 kPa. Gerard’s pressed steel roofing system has been proven to withstand wind loadings of more than 6 kPa. with no additional fastenings or special materials. This is equivalent to a wind speed of 350 kph (stronger than the wind force at the centre of a Category 5 hurricane). Other roofing systems require specialised fastenings and/or materials for high wind zones.

People living in earthquake-prone areas often choose to have a Gerard pressed steel roof over their heads rather than an equivalent concrete tile roof of around 10 times the weight.

Lightweight and strong, our roofs were well tested in the 2010 and 2011 Canterbury earthquakes.

Gerard roofs are low maintenance

The only maintenance that a Gerard pressed steel roof requires is a clean with an appropriate roof wash every three to five years to help prevent the growth of algae, moss and lichen.

The work can be undertaken by our recommended contractors or many homeowners are able to carry out this routine maintenance themselves. If your roof is used for rainwater collection, you should talk to us about cleaning to avoid the danger of tainting your water supply.

Installation is quick yet precise

Gerard roofs are only installed by Gerard Certified Roofers (GCRs), experienced, professional contractors, trained to install to the highest standards.

When your Gerard roof arrives on site, it comes with everything needed. Our GCRs carry specialised cutting and bending equipment so installation can take place smartly without any delays.

With other types of metal roofing, installation requires roof panels to be cut off-site. Measurements for flashings can’t be taken until most of the roof is installed, which can add days to installation time as the flashings are then made elsewhere too.