Start by gathering the information to make an informed choice

The roofing decision you’re about to make will have long-term consequences. Get it right and life will be easier and safer for you and your family – no worries about leaks, maintenance or extreme weather.

Below is a list of things that will help you gather the information to enable you to arrive at the right outcome.

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Get to know the roofing materials market

You should research the pros and cons of every type of roofing material that you’re considering. In New Zealand, the prospects include lightweight pressed steel roofing (Gerard Roofs), concrete tiles, long-run iron, corrugated iron, clay tiles, timber shingles and asphalt shingles.

Talk to an architect or house designer

The angle and shape of your roof could limit your roofing material choices. Ask an architect or designer if there are any options you should exclude.

Drive the streets with your camera

Visit areas of your town or city that have many homes like yours. Use a digital camera or phone to capture roofs that you admire. You can use our drive-by selector to find Gerard roofs in your area.

Look at online roof galleries

Browse our gallery to see images of homes with Gerard roofs. Other roofing manufacturers have similar online galleries. Print images that reflect what you’re trying to achieve with your home; don’t forget to note the product name and colour.

Consider prevailing conditions

Some roofing materials require special fasteners, coatings, reinforcement or maintenance for extreme conditions, so your roof might cost more and take longer to build if you live by the sea or in a high-wind zone. You’ll discover this isn’t the case with Gerard pressed steel roofs. More about the advantages of a Gerard roof.

Read the warranties

Roofing warranties should be carefully considered. Some are more comprehensive and last longer than others. Read about Gerard’s warranty.

Collect a folder of favourite roofs

Keep your roofing information and favourite roof images in a folder or scrapbook for easy reference. When you feel that the information and image gathering stage is over, spend some time with your partner or a friend discussing and eliminating roofs that don’t suit you.

Why a Gerard roof?
The key reasons for choosing the Gerard pressed steel roofing system, including durability, long-lasting good looks, performance in coastal and high-wind environments, low maintenance and the outstanding warranty.
Why Gerard roofs are good
Reasons to choose Gerard
Gerard survives the world’s worst weather
Gerard pressed steel roofs can be found in more than 120 countries. They protect homes in some of the most hostile climates and environments on the planet. Discover some of the extremes your Gerard roof is designed to cope with.
Whirlwind tour of the globe
Pressed steel roof facts
The technical side of what a Gerard roof is: the design and makeup of pressed steel roofing. How Gerard Roofs fuse layers of high-quality raw materials into a single lightweight product that offers remarkable strength, durability and visual appeal.
Get the facts
How much would it cost?
This page has a guide to give you a rough idea of what you can expect to pay. Every roof is different so there is no ‘off the shelf’ price as such, but if you want specifics we can provide an accurate quote quickly and without obligation.
Go to price guide page

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